Celeste Longacre's Garden Delights

You’ve heard it: You are what you eat. The evidence is mounting that what you put into your mouth matters. What better way is there to know exactly what you are eating than to grow some of your own food or get to know your farmer? Celeste has decades of experience providing good, nutritious food for her family.

You can do it! Celeste’s Garden Delights will show you how to grow, can, ferment, freeze, dry and root cellar fresh produce. If you can’t do it all, just do what you can. Start small. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow a tomato plant or two in pots

on the balcony or patio. Or, you can take a few hours in the summer to buy and prepare berries or corn for your freezer.

If you have a lawn and would like to make part of it into a garden, the section on No-Till Gardening will tell you how.

Thinking about keeping chickens? Read the section on Backyard Chickens to see if it’s something you truly want to do.

Food is usually less expensive when it is in season. Get together with some friends to take advantage of bulk buying. Farmers generally give you good discounts if you buy large quantities or “seconds” (food with a few bruises). You can do it! There’s no better feeling than having an actual relationship with your food. Homegrown and homemade (or locally grown and made) are truly the best.

To find out more about these products or to place an order view us online at  http://www.celestelongacre.com/  

Celeste will be hosting some on-site gardening workshops in Spring, Summer and Fall. Stay tuned for more details.

Face Readings


Ever wonder if people could read your face?

Interested in knowing what your face says about you? 

E-mail Celeste to inquire about a face reading. Schedule one for yourself or for your group of friends!


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