In addition to 
publishing books 
and magazines, 
Celeste is available 
to give lectures, 
workshops and
presentations with 
a customized speech 
to fit whatever
group she is
For an interesting
and fun time with
your friends, she
can also be hired to 
do face readings 
and numerology at 
parties. For more 
please write, fax 
or e-mail:
Celeste Longacre
32 Longacre Lane
Alstead, NH  03602




   Astrology - what is it? Is it the horoscopes that some people read in the newspaper every morning? Or is it a  larger, more encompassing study that dates back many, many years? Most individuals don't truly understand the power and practicality of this valuable tool and how it can be used to aid us in professional and personal choices.

   In this talk, Celeste brings us a full description of the history of astrology, how it represents the heavenly "tides," and how it helps us to better understand ourselves and others. She shares specific, concrete examples of how it works and, by showing us sample charts, gives us a feeling for the nature of the study. She then goes through each and every sign of the Zodiac detailing personality characteristics that are common to them. It is in this part of her presentation that Celeste can create a special talk designed specifically for your group alone.

    For Bromley Ski Mountain in Vermont, USA, she described "How the Different Signs Ski," (Aries, of course is a "get out of my way" kind of skier, whereas Scorpio studies the map before going out), for the Portsmouth Women's Business Organization, Portsmouth, NH, USA, she discussed why the different signs go into business (Capricorns just do and Aquarians like the independence) and how to sell to them as individuals.

   For a chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, she detailed how the signs behave as bosses & secretaries (Taurus bosses are always turning the thermostat down to save money while the Pisces secretaries turn it up).

   Relationship is another area of expertise for Celeste and her new, 360-page, hardcover book, "Love Signs" is dedicated to this topic. How do I get folks to understand me and how do I relate to the other signs? Which sign is the best match for me in love? Hire Celeste to speak to your group and find out!


She helps both individuals and groups to better understand themselves and their relation-ships to others. Celeste weaves her magic through the lens of the ancient art of astrology. By studying heavenly movements, she can track personal, business & public trends. She also reads faces.

Celeste initially became interested in astrology because of her fascination with people and her given name, Celeste." She has been widely published in such magazines as "The Old Farmer's Almanac, "Welcome to Planet Earth," "Aquarian Voices" and "Midnight Horoscope."

   A series of articles in 1986, 1987 & 1988 on the presidential candidates resulted in an interview on NBC's Today Show which was picked -out of the entire year of 1987- as one of the "best of '87" and shown again, in its entirety on New Year's Day, 1988.

   Celeste lives with her husband, Bob and daughter, Crystal, in a beautiful handmade house. Next to her family she loves her garden best and can be found watching yellow-bellied sapsuckers and such from the porch in the summer. She is most proud of the harmonious ecosystem she and Bob have created around their home.


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